Nikita Kosmin
Content writer (crypto)
Telegram: @Hawaii500
Education: Kingston University 2009
Ba: Philology.
Nationality: Russian
Place of residence: Trowbridge, UK

Content writing, text editing, translation and interpreting, blockchain and cryptocurrency writing; ready to work on international projects.
RECOMMENDATION LETTER - David Lister, Arts Editor, The Independent:

I can confirm that Nikita did an internship in the culture section of The Independent. We found him to be enthusiastic and reliable. He showed initiative and took projects into his own hands, but was also able to take direction when needed. He worked quickly and efficiently and was a valuable member of the team.

Portfolio (a few of my favorite articles)

An article about crypto slang

An article about Bitcoin for Revain

An article about art for

Articles about crypto for Roky Rocks

Blockchain articles for Revain (+marketing)

An article for an IT company about indices and databases and so on

A promo article

A new article by moi for a fintech company. Thanks! Great work,!

The text for Trehmer's fantastical site

Беллетристика про биткоин

Analytical article for EDC Blockchain

Ghostwriting: blockchain-related stuff

Translations of market reviews for The Tokenbox.



Writing, proofreading, translating, publishing, and editing articles.

A1 Fighter Gear

Writing articles, proofreading, editing.


Writing, proofreading, translating, publishing, and editing articles, blogging, maintaining the admin version of the site.


Blogging, editing, translating texts. coordinating the project with the COO.

The Token Fund

Almost single-handedly writing The Cryptopedia, research, assembly, and analysis of data, proofreading, translation.


Research, assembly, and analysis of blockchain-related data, proofreading, translation.
Writing articles, proofreading.


Taking interviews, dealing with clients, transcribing interviews, proofreading, translation.


Research, assembly, and analysis of blockchain-related data, proofreading, translation.

The Story:

Words are everything. Millions of businesses are lighting up across the globe day and night. Little fireflies of demure ambition and desire, they are buzzing with dreams. With the introduction of AI, blockchain, and robotics, the opportunities are limitless. If you can dream it, you can do it.

The only weak point of the business is the copywriter. There are many contenders, but only a handful can really deliver the message. Mesmerizing your reader takes more than an elite University education and years of experience. Attracting a reader is a special kind of magic.

Do you want your clients to spot a text full of syntactical mistakes and turn away in dismay? There are plenty of opportunities for that. Thousands of writers will charge you heaven and give you hell for a text that reeks of incompetence and stale desperation. Worse yet, you can save money on a copywriter, and great clients will walk away, costing you thousands where you saved a handful of dollars.

Making dreams come true is more than technical skills. It's a calling. They sometimes say you find the books you want, and sometimes the books find you. No matter how far we've come, it's up to us to write the new chapter. Are you ready? Let me tell you more about who I am.

I'm a friendly, ambitious bilingual writer with a substantial track record of work in the language niche. Writing has been my passion since I was a little kid.

I always knew what I wanted to do, but when started attending Kingston University in the UK, I found it a life-changing experience, which not only enabled me to become a better person and want to empower others, but gave me an ultimate understanding of the value of hard work, integrity, and the importance of teamwork. My life has never been the same.

I've been working in the media for 9 years afterward for the best companies out there like Cs.Money, The Tokenbox, Revain, The Independent, Bosco, Kontinent, and XXL Magazine in Russian and English. I'm happy where I am — just about as happy as a man can be who not only had a date with Destiny but is now in a committed relationship. The most interesting samples of my work can be found here:

I also have the highest IELTS score (8 out of 9), which proves I'm worth my salt, and two teacher diplomas (TEFL and ICELT).

I've always been very enthusiastic about working in the language sector. Languages have been my passion for all my life. Having lived in the UK for 14 years, I worked with a variety of terrific companies as a freelancer as well as full-time, and have a plethora of euphoric reviews from my employers.

I am still learning every day, often consulting the dictionary, studying Coursera, reading books and watching movies only in English and very much still in awe of international cultures and foreign liaisons.

I'm also a journalist with extensive experience in the fin-tech field.
I am mesmerized by the world of blockchain and stellar prospects it offers. New technology always interested me, but I have never worked in a field that would take my breath away as much as the crypto-related scene. I've been writing for various news companies and corporate blogs for years now, and it has been thrilling, hard, rewarding, and immensely more interesting with each new day. I've never once regretted choosing this niche.

I love the idea of being a part of something and working with people, and I'm very focused on personal development. I'm definitely looking forward to being a part of making the world a better place by contributing my 100% at a position that deals with (ideally) technology-related events and research, but also with English copywriting in general.
The services I offer

Content writing: delivering engaging, clear copy that has been proven to dramatically increase sales.

Translations: swift but professional translation (typically Rus-Eng) for The Tokenbox, Whalesburg, and private clients.

Proofreading: proofreading and literary and stylistic editing of texts for companies like Whalesburg, A1 Fighter Gear, Cs.Money.

Specialization: texts about blockchain and cryptocurrencies for The Tokenbox, Coinstaker, and Revain with deep immersion, expert analytics, and customization for the target audience.

Writing columns for magazines: "Russian Pioneer", "XXL Magazine", "Kommersant" (in Russian).
Translating from Russian to English and vice versa (primarily for the fintech industry) for private clients and companies.
Creating content for company websites: Cs.Money, The Tokenbox, Revain, Coinstaker.
Proofreading and stylistic editing English texts: Kommersant UK, The Independent, A1 Fighter Gear.

Below is the description of the services I provide, and prices. In order for our cooperation to be as effective as possible, please read the short list of conditions below.

By starting to use my services, you confirm that you are familiar with these terms and conditions and undertake to abide by them in accordance with the oral contract concluded between us, which includes strict observance of the following points:

Prices include a fifty percent advance (important: this is not refundable)

The rates are as follows:

$150 per 1 000 words for blogging 

Copywriting: TBD

Website text: $800 per 500-word page

Emails: $38 per sales email

Proofreading: $70 per 1000 words

All projects include a 25%-50% advance payment

Undetermined (for example, translating, proofreading and stylistycally editing someone's text plus adding content): $38 per hour

Post-editing: $0.1 for an edit. The number of edits can be found in the "Number of replacements" column in the GoogleDocs toolbar.

Payment within 3 days from the moment I completed the task (the necessary edits are made in parallel).

NB Work on weekends, work in shorter timeframes than the established period of writing texts (48 hours for writing a text that contains 5,000 characters) incur a 20% extra charge.

Additional options (for example, SEO or publication of materials on sites) are not included in the package and are paid additionally.

Contact details
Telegram: @hawaii500

↑ preferred contact method (for the sake of speed)
Moscow, 2018
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